What to Expect During Annual Wellness Visits?


Beginners need not be too anxious during their first annual wellness visit. Our medical practitioners only want the best for you and will not purposely cause you pain. Keep yourself busy with preparing the necessary documents so you can redirect your attention to something else.

Before any laboratory testing, diagnosis, or treatment is given, a physician will review your medical history and current medications.
This step is necessary in assessing risk factors, whether they stem from your family’s medical history, prior surgeries, allergies, or any related previous medical diagnosis. Effective preventive services only come from thorough planning which involves taking into account current medications to avoid any unwanted results.

After that, a medical professional of urgent care in Toledo, Ohio will proceed with checking your vital signs. It commonly consists of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen rate, and blood pressure. Measuring a patient’s height and weight is also necessary in calculating the body mass index (BMI).

Once the health practitioner of urgent medical care in Ohio is done with the initial steps, physical examination, health risk assessment, and screening tests come next. This phase helps in identifying the areas of lifestyle that can be improved, monitoring various organs, recommending health screening tests as part of preventive care, and administering vaccines for an extra immunity boost.

Booking an annual wellness check at Acute Urgent Care Inc. is convenient and reliable. Safeguard the health of your entire family by sending us a message on how to schedule your appointment with us. We will be your partner in sickness and in health.

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