Signs You Need More than Just Urgent Care


When going for a trip to urgent medical care in Ohio, make sure that you are only experiencing symptoms of minor conditions. Some non-life-threatening medical issues include flu-like symptoms, rashes, persistent coughs, and UTIs to name a few.

On the other hand, more serious physical concerns already demand emergency care. One obvious indicator is having sudden and severe breathing difficulty. Shortness of breath can be caused by various factors: heart disease, lung disorders, allergic reactions, and many others. When accompanied by other symptoms, especially chest pain on the left side, increases the chances of an incoming heart attack.

Another reason for needing to be rushed to the emergency room is when a patient experiences uncontrolled bleeding. Deep wounds showing symptoms of hemorrhagic shock and uncontrolled bleeding for more than 10 minutes are beyond the scope of urgent care professionals.

Instead of going to Acute Urgent Care Inc. for cases that involve sudden paralysis accompanied by symptoms like speech, swallowing, coordination, and vision difficulties. All of these warning signs hint at the increased possibility of stroke.

Also, watch out for any sustained injuries from sports and vehicular accidents. Such injuries often consist of severe head trauma, compound fractures, and deep wounds. An urgent care in Toledo, Ohio is not medically equipped to treat all of the listed physical conditions.

It cannot be argued that the best form of treatment is by seeking preventive services. Self-care, adherence to safety precautions, seeking professional help at the earliest onset of symptoms, and knowledge of what to do during emergency situations all contribute to reducing the likelihood of getting admitted to the ER. Allow us to help you in non-emergency cases. Contact us now!

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