What Makes Urgent Care Popular and Advantageous?


Never before has the US care system been more stressed than in the age of the pandemic. More and more patients risk bad care outcomes due to a shortage of available care practitioners, long waiting times, and skyrocketing care costs. In these circumstances, urgent medical care in Ohio offers a reliable lifeline.

The research agrees. A study of large health plan enrollees from 2008 to 2015 associated a 119% increase in the reliance on urgent healthcare facilities with a 36% decrease in emergency room visits.

These numbers indicate more than just a shift in provider preference; they also testify to the positive impact urgent care centers like Acute Urgent Care Inc. have on community-based healthcare.

Why is this happening? Speaking as a provider of urgent care in Toledo, Ohio, we can say it is for the following reasons:

  • Urgent care is more accessible.
    Urgent care centers offer more flexible operational hours and service capacities than a regular emergency department. Since they focus on providing immediate medical treatments for non-critical concerns, patients can practically walk in and get the care they need from a licensed team of healthcare personnel in no time.
  • They drastically improve waiting times.
    Speaking of flexible hours, urgent care centers provide a readily available source of aid for many health issues that might worsen from a lack of professional attention. According to a 2017 survey by the Urgent Care Association, patients get examined, diagnosed, and treated in an hour.
  • They are as comprehensive as they are cost-efficient.
    In contrast to retail clinics, urgent care provides a wide range of immediate and preventive services at a fraction of the cost of emergency departments.

We have detailed only a few of the advantages urgent care offers. Experience the rest by stopping by for your needs today.

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