Why Should You Visit Our Urgent Care Clinic?


Previously, slipping and spraining your ankle, or developing what appeared to be a UTI, meant you had two treatment options. One option is to call your primary care provider and schedule an appointment, even if it is days away, or to wait in the local ER. At Acute Urgent Care Inc.,a trusted provider of Urgent Care in Toledo, Ohio, we prioritize you and provide the urgent medical care you require.

We are a well-established provider of Urgent Medical Care in Ohio that residents can rely on. Our services are possible because of the dedicated and passionate healthcare professionals who work with us. 

We work quickly without sacrificing the quality of our expertise, and no appointments are required. We also accept insurance, and even those that do not have insurance can avail of our services at a reasonable price because we want everyone to have access to quality Medical Resources

While this all sounds very promising, you should not disregard your primary care physician in cases where your medical history is needed. We also provide primary care services for everyone who needs it. 

If you have a non-life-threatening emergency and want to avail our Preventive Services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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