Things We Should Know About X-Rays


At certain points in our life, we may have to undergo x-ray procedures. Our healthcare providers as well as our dentists, utilize x-rays for our care. Among the reasons why our healthcare providers, such as those providing urgent medical care in Ohio, may recommend x-rays for us is to check for bone fractures, some kinds of tumors, abnormal masses or injury, and pneumonia symptoms in the lungs. Dentists utilize x-rays to look for cavities and other dental issues. Read on to learn some of the things we should know about x-rays.

  • We should ensure that our healthcare or primary care provider or radiologist knows that we are pregnant or think we may be pregnant.
  • We may be asked to take away anything made of metal that wearing, such as jewelry and clothing that has buttons or zippers.
  • We may be required to stand or lay down in a particular position or angle as the image is completed.
  • In some dental x-rays, we may be required to bite down on a certain device that’s put in our mouth in a few various positions.
  • Depending on which area of the body is being x-rayed, we might be given a lead covering to avoid radiation from entering other parts of our body.

X-rays are among those medical procedures included when providing preventive services.

Our healthcare providers or dentists in different healthcare facilities should suggest an x-ray when they think of the advantages to our health outweigh this little risk or in providing preventive services. If ever we have concerns and to make the decision whether x-rays are the most suitable option for us, we can communicate with our dentist or healthcare provider about it.

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