Open Wounds: What You Should Do


Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are, and yes, they can even occur in the safe corners of your own home. While accidents are basically inevitable, you can, however, be prepared for them. And you can do so by knowing emergency care and having a first-aid kit.

One of the most common results of accidents is open wounds. An open wound is a type of injury that involves a tear in the skin and tissue that may result in bleeding and bruising. When you have an open wound, urgent care in Toledo, Ohio is a must to prevent infections.

As a means to provide emergency care for wounds, below are things you should do:

  • Apply Pressure.

    Applying pressure over the affected area can slow down the blood flow. The pressure will help the blood clot and stop the bleeding.

  • Put the Wound Under Running Water.

    According to providers of urgent medical care in Ohio, keeping wounds under running water will reduce the risk of infection. Make sure to clean the wound with gentle soap while you are at it as well, but remember NOT to get soap directly in the wound as it may cause irritations.

  • Cover the Wound.

    Put a bandage or gauze over the wound. Doing so can keep your wound covered, and keeping your wound covered keeps it clean, as well as prevents infections.

For urgent care for wounds, please don’t hesitate to contact Acute Urgent Care Inc. Our medical practitioners are extremely skilled and highly reliable for health emergencies such as these.

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